Spin A Win Live Casino Show By Playtech

Spin A Win Live was Playtech’s first attempt to launch a Wheel of Fortune game show in 2018. The game’s success is much due to its unique side bets you will not find anywhere else. This live show takes you to a studio featuring a vertically mounted wheel divided into numerous sectors, each giving you a chance to grab a cash prize or increase the initial bet thanks to bonus multipliers. Spin A Win is a classic live show as it has no dedicated mini-games, and all the action is hinged on the wheel. Interestingly, the live show has a couple of spinoffs to be reviewed below. The maximum potential win is limited to 500k euros (or an equivalent amount in the player’s currency).

  • spin a win game interface
  • spin a win game interface
  • spin a win game interface

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Spin A Win game studio

The game hall looks good, though it lacks sophistication and depth. A big tall-as-a-man wheel is at the centre, while the background makes for a disco theme, with multicoloured intermittent vertical stripes glowing on the wall behind the wheel. Each unique sector on the wheel has its colour (e.g. number 2 is blue), and when the flapper ultimately points at any sector, the background lines light up with that respective colour.


The wheel is shown from four points, depending on the game stage. The presenter can stand on the right or left side of the wheel, in which case a camera faces the wheel at a 45-degree angle from the left or right. A few seconds after the round started, the view changes to the front-facing camera, which then zooms in at the final phase to show the winning sector at close range.

Spin A Win Live dealers

The live show presenters take turns every 20-30 minutes. These are young men and women wearing casual but elegant clothes, and communicating with players in fluent English, thus creating a more social environment.

User interface in Playtech Spin A Win

Loading the live game, you will see a standard interface, buttons, controls, and other elements typical of other Playtech live solutions. At the top left, there’s the min/max line displaying the table limits. If you have insufficient funds (below 10 cents) on your casino balance, you will regularly see an annoying popup reminding you to deposit funds to play here. If you observe the game without betting, you will finally get disconnected “due to a long period of inactivity”.

Near the table limits, a dynamic icon shows the number of players connected to the live game from all live casinos worldwide. When doing this review, experts noticed there were 150 to 350 simultaneous players. Sure, this is far from Crazy Time’s 10k concurrent connections, but this is still excellent.

At the top right, you will see the dealer’s name, “+Table”, and “More Games” buttons. Tapping the latter leads you to the Playtech lobby, where you can pick another live game. At the bottom, the live game has betting controls, including six main betting options, a side bets field, statistics, and a row of chips of different denominations, from $0.1 to $1000.

Generally speaking, the graphical user interface in Live Spin A Win is intuitive. Even if you have never played any Playtech creation, you will have no difficulty understanding the lay of the land.


The chatbox is collapsed by default and shows only a narrow line for typing messages. The player can click “+” to expand it and see the latest messages from other players. Apart from the chatbox, the live game shows a Customer Support button, but this option may not be available in some countries.

Spin A Win stats

The game statistics are represented as a long gut-feel line showing the outcomes of the last 40+ rounds. Sadly, there’s no opportunity to gain deeper insight into the stats.

Adding a new table

If you feel like playing more than one Playtech live game at a time, click the “+Table” button at the top right of the screen. This will reduce the size of the current Spin A Win window without closing the game, move that window to the screen’s left position, and open the Playtech lobby on the right side. Interestingly, the reduced Spin A Win window remains active, meaning you can still interact with the game environment, place bets, use the chat feature, etc.

In the lobby that appears, you can browse across Game Shows, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat & Sic Bo, and Poker subcategories and load the live game you want. Note that you can split the window into four and play up to four live games at a time.

Game settings

All kinds of settings are available by clicking the hamburger button at the top left corner. The dropdown menu contains quick links to some of Playtech games as well as the following entries:

  • Cashier: Opens your casino’s deposit page in a new window
  • Change nickname: Spin A Win assigns you a nickname automatically, matching the name you specified when signing up with the online casino. But you can always change the alias as often as you like
  • History: Shows the history of all games (start balance/win/bet) in the selected time period (today, yesterday, last 30 days, and so on)
  • Game settings: You can turn off the winner list sliding vertically after each round
  • Video settings: There are only two quality grades, high and low. Choosing “Low” will decrease the size of the active window dramatically
  • Audio settings: Adjust volume, game sounds, and studio sounds. You can mute all sounds as well
  • Help: Contains a Spin A Win game help. One notes that the guide lacks detail

Autoplay feature

The player may set several rounds (10, 20, 30, 50, 77, 99) to be played automatically at a preset bet size. There are two conditions at which the Autoplay terminates: Loss Limit and Single Win Limit. If the player fills in either or both fields and one of the conditions comes up during the game, the automatic mode comes to end. Note that the feature may not be available in some live casinos.

How to play Spin A Win

The objective of Live Spin A Win is to predict where the wheel will stop at the end of the round. The wheel consists of 54 sectors. The player makes a bet on any betting position during the betting time, which lasts about 15 seconds. Its duration can be increased or reduced, which is determined by some unknown factors (they are, assumably, the game occupancy).

The sector the flapper points at after the wheel comes to a stop is announced as the winning one, and all players who have put their chips on it will get a corresponding award. The live game also has two Multiplier sectors to be explored in detail below.

Bet options and odds

The game has six main and three side bets (elaborated in the following part). The main bets are

Bet type # of segments True odds
Number 1 23 42.6%
Number 2 15 27.8%
Number 5 7 13%
Number 10 4 7.4%
Number 20 2 3.7%
Number 40 1 1.9%

The listed odds do not add up to exactly 100% because the wheel also features two Multiplier sections: x2 and x7. The probability of landing either counts to about 1.85%.

Spin A Win live multipliers

About every 1 of 25 spins results in a multiplier x2 or x7 being hit on the wheel. Should this happen, all bets placed in that round will stay where they are, and the presenter will spin the wheel again. When the wheel comes to rest, the payout, resulting from the winning number, will be increased by that multiplier.

Let’s assume the arrow stops at Multiplier x7, forcing the host to spin the wheel for the second time with all previous bets active. If number 5 hits on that spin, the final payout will be 35:1 instead of the usual 5:1.

There’s a tiny probability that the second spin will end up with an x2 or x7 winning sector again. If this unlikely scenario emerges, the second multiplier will multiply the first, and the total will then apply to the winning number on the third spin.

Side bets

This is a one-of-a-kind feature that no other live shows have. Complementary to main bets (numbers), each player may place three side bets:

  • Even: The side bet wins if the winning sector is even (2, 10, 20, 40)
  • Odd: The side bet wins if the flapper stops at an odd number (1, 5)
  • Multiplier: The side bet wins if x2 or x7 lands on the current spin. In case of 2+ consecutive Multiplier results during one paid round, only the first multiplier wins

An important thing to note is that the listed side bets cannot be placed independently of the main bets, i.e. you cannot just put a chip on “Even” without wagering on any number at the same time.

Table limits

It goes without saying that every live game has the lowest and top bet that can be accepted in the game. In Playtech Live Spin A Win, limits are posted at the top left. Also worth noting is that some casino brands are allowed to change the limits to some extent, so what you can read below is not all-embracing information applicable to all live casinos. Also, note that the minimum bet is 10 cents for all bet positions. So this is what you can find in Spin A Win casinos in terms of bet sizes:

  • Number 1: max. $2500
  • Number 2: $2500
  • Number 5: $2000
  • Number 10: $1000
  • Number 20: $1000
  • Number 40: $500
  • Even: $1000
  • Odd: $2000
  • Multiplier: $1000

Live Spin A Win payouts

Payouts are pre-determined by the sector the pointer shows at the end of the round. Number sectors award the payout equal to their face value, e.g. Number 1 pays 1:1, Number 40 awards 40:1, etc. For example, wagering $10 on “5” will see you celebrating a $50 win (+$10 the ante) if the wheel stops at a “5” position.

Side bet payouts

Payouts for side bets are closely correlated with their odds. Let’s review them at great length. Covering “Even” on your betting screen will bring you a 5:4 award if the wheel stops at an even number: 2, 10, 20 or 40. The odds of this occurring are about 41%. So if betting $10 on Even, you can grab $12.5.

Similarly, betting on “Odd” will see you winning 3:4 if the pointer stops at any 1 or 5 sectors. While your intuition will calmly tell you the “Odd” side bet should pay higher because only two wheel segments are involved, the truth is that both cover a large area, with the joint winning odds making up 55.6%.

Finally, the Multiplier side bet is challenging to land, but it pays out well. However, consistently betting on this side bet will cost you money in the long run. Anyway, landing x2 or x7 awards 25:1, and the chances of getting that outcome are 3.7%, which is almost perfect.

General payout limit

The total limit is set at 500,000 euros. Depending on your chosen casino currency, Playtech Spin A Win may display an equivalent amount in your currency based on the effective currency exchange rates. Theoretically, it’s hard but not improbable to come close to that limit, especially for high rollers. E.g. if you bet the max $500 on “40” and get an x7 multiplier on the first spin, you will win $140,000. The chances are tiny, but it could happen.

Spin A Win RTP

A game with several outcomes will hardly have a uniform RTP across all kinds of bets (One of the exceptions is roulette, where every inside/outside bet has a 97.3% or 94.75% return). Spin A WIn live casinos have the following RTP figures subject to a selected bet:

  • Number 1: 95.34%
  • Number 2: 95.51%
  • Number 5: 91.24%
  • Number 10: 96.58%
  • Number 20: 92.74%
  • Number 40: 90.81%
  • Even: 91.67%
  • Odd: 97.22%
  • Multiplier: 96.30%

Let’s check whether the official calculations are correct by using the formula below:

(Odds against success - house payout) x ways to win / total ways to win & lose x 100% = house edge.

According to our estimates, the Multiplier bet has the following house edge: (52/2 – 25/1) x 2/54 x 100% = 3.70%.

The same algorithm can be applied to figure out the house edge for other bet options if you do not trust official figures and want to check it yourself.

Golden Chip bonus

Spin A Win live casinos can offer a Golden Chip feature to their players. These are bonus chips awarded in some table games powered by Playtech, and a chip comes with a particular value. If you won that free chip while playing, it will be shown together with other normal chips on the Spin A Win screen. Its advantage is that you can bet a golden chip in conjunction with regular, paid chips.

Spin A Win strategies

To spin the wheel and win a prize, players should follow a strategy dictated by the odds of winning that each bet has. Sure, one can play without any tactics or intricate calculations and still win big. However, applying some strategic thinking to leverage the winning odds is better. Below are a few strategies that a smart player can adopt to tune up the betting process.

Betting on frequent numbers

Placing casino chips on “1” and “2” is a low-risk scheme as it bears the 70.4% odds of winning. So if you bet one unit (e.g. $1) on each bet and “1” wins, the result is a tie for your budget (you win $2 on “1” and lose $2 on “2”). If number 2 wins, your net win is a dollar. Besides, both options are pretty good in terms of return (about 95.5%).

Betting on high numbers

This is not the best choice since hitting 20 or 40 comes with a high house edge, at an overwhelming 9 to 10%, so you’d better avoid them. Moreover, both are hard to hit due to their rareness on the wheel, so you will have to wait many spins for the reward to come your way. The only chance to mix up your anticipation is getting a multiplier, immediately followed by your selected number.

Betting on Multiplier or Odd

As a rule, side bets are a bad option in most table games as their house edge is too high, making a player exhaust his bankroll bit by bit over time. But this is not the case with Playtech Live Spin A Win. Betting on “Multiplier”, you get the probability of success at 2:54, but the payout is 25:1, which gives the player edge of 96.3%. The same goes for the Odd bet, which has the top RTP of all bets in the live show.

Hedge betting

Consider placing bets on the exact opposites, e.g. $1 on Even and $1 on number 5. This way, you have about 55% chances to hit either result. However, with the winning Even, you will have only a 25-cent win, but you will have a possibility of landing on the “5” segment about every eighth round. Anyway, we would call this a medium-risk Spin A Win strategy.

Spin A Win spinoffs

As you might know, Playtech is rich in live games, especially live shows. After launching the Spin A Win game a few years ago, Playtech later developed two live games that used the same theme but had interesting twists.

Age Of The Gods: Spin A Win

For example, Playtech has the Age of the Gods mystery jackpot linked to over 10 video slots. It consists of four jackpot pools (Power, Extra Power, Super Power, Ultimate Power), with the biggest one going over $500,000. In April 2021, the provider rolled out Age Of The Gods: Spin A Win, which combined two major features: the Spin A Win look and feel and the renowned jackpot network, Age of the Gods.

This is a non-live game, but it uses the same wheel as Live Spin A Win. The game has six number bets (the same as explored above) as well as Odd (x0.9), Even (x1.5), and Bonus (x7.5) side bets. All the four progressive jackpots are won randomly. However, the higher your wager, the better the chance of activating the jackpot bonus round.

Spin A Win Wild Brasileiro

This exciting version of the classic Spin A Win targets the Brazilian market. The dealer speaks Portuguese, and the wheel features four more side bets revolving around animals: zebra, monkey, elephant, and butterfly. Landing any animal besides the main bet provides a 2:1 or 4:1 payout. The studio is also decorated with floral and animal motifs. Spin A Win Wild has the same bet sizes ($0.1 to $2500), and its max win is capped at 500 thousand euros. This is a great variation of the game, provided you speak Portuguese. Actually, the UI can be set in English, so there are no language barriers here.

Spin A Win in mobile casinos

The mobile browser experience is glitch-free and intuitive because Playtech’s game engines have perfect cross-platform compatibility. The active game screen with the wheel and dealer is located at the top half of the mobile screen, while the nine betting choices (six main and three side wagers) are below.

The stats line is at the very top, and the winners' block that appears after each round is almost invisible, being hidden by other elements. The chat line is also hard to reach, as it is almost at the top edge of the screen. Clicking on the Dialogue icon will expand the chat; however, it will overlap the active screen, so it’s better to avoid maximising the chatbox.

Actually, it does not matter much whether you turn on the landscape or portrait mode because the UI and arrangement of all elements are almost identical. There’s no dedicated Spin A Win app, but this does not come as a surprise since the provider never releases mobile apps for its games.

Alternative Wheel of Fortune live games

Casino game providers sometimes use a money wheel format to create their live shows, which usually get a few bonus features supplementary to the main bets on the wheel. Most money-wheel live shows, like Spin A Win Playtech, are fitted with a 54-segment wheel featuring more than five unique betting options. Live studios where the action unfolds are designed as gorgeous television studios with flamboyant backgrounds and the general impression of luxury in every detail. Below are some of the most visited and entertaining live shows where the money wheel lies at the core of the gambling action.

Funky Time (Evolution)

This new game show took the gambling community by storm in 2023. The live show is Evolution’s first title to utilise an original Digiwheel technology that transforms a normal wheel into fully digital equipment, a round television that shows animations and special visual effects. In Funky Time, you can activate four bonus games and win up to $500,000. A bet starts at 10 cents, being friendly to low rollers. This live game has an unusual bet option, which consists of 12 letters comprising the phrase “Play Funk Time”. Besides, it features random multipliers that get scattered at the beginning of each round, increasing potential payouts.

Crazy Time (Evolution)

One of the first live shows on the market, Crazy Time is a sought-after live game that is visited by thousands of players simultaneously. Compared to Playtech Spin A Win, Crazy Time has four bonus rounds where the dealer tosses a coin (Coin Flip), drops a puck on the Pachinko board, invites players to a shooting range or spins a giant Crazy Time bonus wheel with big multipliers and the max win of x20,000 bet. Moreover, the game has a unique Top Slot feature that can add a random multiplier of up to x50 to your winning bet.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live (Playtech)

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this original game show will elevate your live show experience to incredible heights. The presenter, looking like Mad Hatter, runs the action, but once the Walter Wonder Spin feature gets underway, a virtual white rabbit runs up to the wheel to help the presenter deal with this fantastic bonus round. The live show has a great return (over 96% for all bet options) as well as very long rules describing all the intricacies of the bonus features. This extraordinary game is often found in Spin A Win live casinos. The bet sizes are $0.1 to $2000.

The Greatest Cards Show (Playtech)

This is perhaps the only live show with so many bet positions, counting to 52. Instead of regular numbers and bonus segments, you will see the bet options corresponding to card values (2 to A) and suits. Some of the wheel segments can become golden or silver, triggering a Light Show or Spotlights bonus feature with multipliers of up to x5000 or x2000, accordingly. The funniest part begins with the Joker feature, in which you will have to duel for the highest multiplier of x1000. An incredibly spectacular game that Spin A Win fans will surely love.

The Money Drop Live (Playtech)

This is a pretty unhasty live show that uses a 54-segment red money wheel to activate impressive Money Drop rounds, in which players place money on four racks and then collect round winnings. The key highlight of the live game is a Card Clash bonus round where you bet on the left or right side and collect multipliers. Note that The Money Drop Live also accepts golden chips, provided you have any. The max win for an x2500 3 Drop Rounds bet reaches x4999. The game’s RTP is similar to Spin A Win, at about 96%.


Playtech Live Spin A Win is a classic money wheel live show featuring six unique segments and three side bets. The game is a bit behind other live shows of this provider in terms of spectacularity; however, it is very easy to play as it has no bonus rounds. The wheel has 54 sectors, including two multipliers that can increase your original wager by x2 or x7. Apart from normal wins stemming from number bets, players can bet on whether the number will be odd or even. Payouts here are small (x0.75 and x1.25), but the side bets are great for hedging risks. Spin A Win casino players can track stats of the recent rounds, change video settings to adjust to the connection quality, and contact the dealer through a live chatbox. The maximum winnings are limited to 500,000 euros, like most other live shows by Playtech.


  • What is Spin A Win Playtech?

    Spin A Win is an exciting live game show by Playtech inspired by the classic wheel of fortune concept. In this game, players participate in a live studio setting and can place bets on different sections of a large spinning wheel. The game combines elements of luck and entertainment, making it a popular choice for fans of game shows and casino-style entertainment.
  • How does Spin A Win work?

    In the Spin A Win live show, a charming host spins a large vertical wheel, divided into various coloured segments, each associated with different payout values. Players place bets on the segment they believe the wheel will stop on after the spin. If the wheel lands on the chosen piece, the player wins according to the corresponding payout.
  • What types of bets can I place on Spin A Win?

    Spin A Win offers several betting options, including specific numbers (1, 2. . . 40) and three side bets. Each bet type carries different odds and payout values, allowing players to choose the level of risk and potential reward they prefer.
  • Is the Spin A Win game show fair?

    Yes, the Spin A Win game show by Playtech is designed to be fair and transparent. The wheel's spinning process ensures a completely random outcome for every spin. The game show adheres to strict regulations and is frequently audited to maintain fairness.
  • Can I interact with the presenter during the game?

    Absolutely! Spin A Win is an interactive game show, and players can interact with the presenter through a live chat. The presenter often engages with players, announces bets, and creates an engaging atmosphere, similar to a real TV game show experience.
  • What is the min and max bet amount in Spin A Win?

    The minimum and maximum bet amounts in Spin A Win can vary depending on the online casino hosting the game. Typically, the minimum bet is $0.1, allowing players with various budgets to participate. High rollers may find options for larger bets as well (typically, $2500 at max).
  • Are there any bonuses in Spin A Win?

    The Spin A Win game show does not offer bonuses to be played in a mini-game format. However, the live show includes multiplier segments on the wheel, which lead to a free respin and increase the win by x2 or x7.